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Georgia Tech College of Design

Formerly known as the College of Architecture


Study Abroad

college of architecture at georgia tech study abroad options

Studying abroad can enrich your life and academic program immeasurably, and the College of Design hosts several international study programs. Additionally, Georgia Tech offers more than 80 exchange programs and 20 group faculty-led programs.

Summer Study in Greece and Italy

georgia tech summer study in greece and italy

Art and Architecture in Italy and Greece, a College-wide program, introduces students to architecture, painting and sculpture of the Classical Greek, Roman, Renaissance and Baroque world.

All instruction takes place in museums, at archeological sites, and on building and walking tours through Athens, Rome, Florence, Venice and other cities. 

Open to all Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students.

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Modern Architecture and the Modern City Summer Study

modern architecture and the modern city

Modern Architecture and the Modern City through the School of Architecture is a summer study abroad program that alternates annually between Europe and Asia.

MAMC: Europe visits Paris, Berlin, and the Netherlands, and Copenhagen. 

The program focuses on contemporary cities and their architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

Open to School of Architecture graduate students.

More information is available on the School of Architecture website.

England Summer Study Abroad

georgia tech summer study in England

The England Summer Study Abroad program through the School of Building Construction is 11 weeks of classes and structured site visits in and around London.

The program also includes an extended, three-day weekend that begins early each Thursday afternoon and ends when classes resume at noon on Monday. Students typically travel to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland or Ireland.

Open to all Georgia Tech students

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International Urban Design Workshop


The International Urban Design Studio is a joint studio for graduate and undergraduate students in architecture and planning, but is open to all graduate students in the architecture, urban design, and city planning programs. The studio is conducted at Georgia Tech with a field trip during spring break to the project site, combined with a collaborative workshop with a local architecture and planning school. Recent projects have been in China, India and Taiwan.

For more information, contact Ellen Dunham-Jones, professor of architecture, at

Semester and Year-Long Exchange Programs

georgia tech college of architecture semester or year-long international exchange programs map

The College of Architecture offers semester- and year-long exchange programs in several countries.

In addition, the Georgia Tech Office of International Studies has exchange agreements with numerous universities.

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The International Plan

georgia tech international plan

The International Plan is a challenging academic program for undergraduates that will develop global competence within the study of architecture, building construction, or industrial design. 

IP students are required to spend at least 26 weeks abroad, including at least one fall or spring program. 

The International Plan is run by Georgia Tech's Office of International Programs, and is open to all Georgia Tech undergraduate students

International Plan website

Tongji University and Georgia Tech Dual Degree

tongji university georgia tech exchange program

The Tongji University-Georgia Tech Exchange Program is a two-semester program of study that prepares Master of Architecture and Master of City and Regional Planning students for global practice. 

Architecture students earn an accredited Master of Architecture degree from Tongji University, while City and Regional Planning students earn a Master of Urban Planning degree from Tongji University.

In exchange, Architecture and Urban Planning students from Tongji University earn the Master of Science in Urban Design (MSUD) from Georgia Tech.

Tongji University’s School of Architecture and Planning has been ranked as the top university in China.

Open to Master of Architecture and Master of City and Regional Planning Students.

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