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Georgia Tech College of Design

Formerly known as the College of Architecture


Academic Programs

Research Topics


We offer our services and expertise to educational and governmental institutions, corporations, and nonprofits, to help provide equal access to education, work, recreation, and health for all individuals with functional limitations.

Music Technology

Our unique blend of music, technology, and research transform the ways in which people create and experience music. Our work ranges from the traditional—composition, performance, and education—to the technical—machine listening, robotic musicianship, and more.

Related Centers:

Smart Cities

Cities are growing at a rapid pace. Our research centers merge technology and data to help cities manage their systems and infrastructure. We create ways to help residents have a superior quality of life.

Spatial Analysis

Using big data, simulation, and 3-D capabilities, building industry professionals are able to design and build in a virtual world before starting construction. Among the benefits are improving collaboration, increasing quality, and decreasing chances for errors.


Planning, policy, 3-D modeling, and integrating data are all necessary for quality growth—from one building to an entire region of a country. Our approach emphasizes efficient use of resources, minimal creation of waste, and lasting development practices.